Human hair part 2 by Julie Turner

Earlier this year I began saving some of my discarded hair to potentially use in this project. I have two piles ongoing; one is the hair in my hairbrush which is mostly untangled and loose and the other is a pile of little knots which I always have after washing my hair. I always condition my hair after washing as even though I use no product on my hair it is long and fine and tangles easily. After applying conditioner I use my fingers as a comb to distribute it through my hair. I always find I have several hairs entangled in my fingers (my hair sheds easily too) and for as long as I can remember I rub my hands together to knot the hairs more, pull the little lumpy tuff off and throw it away. This probably started when I had my own house and realised that hair can clog the plug hole! And not having mum around to unclog it I looked for ways of stopping it!

As I had a reasonable amount of these knots I decided to try to needle felt it. Needle felting involves a soft surface to stab into such as a sponge/brush and a barbed needle. By stabbing the needle onto and through the fibres the barbs on the needle catch and carry the fibres tightly against and next to others where the scales on the fibre in this case human hair interlink and hook/ grab on to those next to it this creates a firm and strong fabric called felt. In my last post I talked about wet felting this is the same process but with a needle and is sometimes called dry felting.

The human hair needle felted easily and was soon a firm, neat and inviting nest. I’m really pleased with how this one developed and looks.


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