Stuck in the middle of the beginning by Jane Pugh


I am still recording and developing ideas, and researching online.

The Bankfield Tea Cosy

After earlier sketches of me and my family wearing objects from the collection, I am painting a self-portrait with the tea-cosy as a hat. It seemed a good size for the purpose; very decorative, and a possible, even likely, secret life for a tea cosy. Objects can affect people. We can’t usually see how in a visual way, so I am exploring this idea.


I looked online and found a number of other people wearing tea cosies:


David Mitchell. There is, in some years, a national ‘Wear a tea cosy on your head’ day. Various charities use this as a fund raising event and brainstrust, a UK based brain tumour support charity, is encouraging everyone to host tea-related events for a tea-fest from 20th to 27th February 2017, which includes the wearing of a tea cosy.

This one appears to be worked in cross-stitch.


Burt Kwouk, best known for his role in the Pink Panther films as well as Last of the Summer Wine and Tenko, wearing a tea cosy on his head to promote an anti-poverty fundraising event, the Big Tea Cosy, 2009.

The white pattern is embroidered onto a black ground. It is closer in form and design to the one at Bankfield.


I found this image of a man in a woolly hat from the Church of St.   Cadoc at Llancarfan, 15 miles from Cardiff. These late 15th century wall-paintings were uncovered recently. Archaeologists confirm that he is wearing a Monmouth Cap. Captain Fluellen, Shakespeare’s Welshman at Agincourt, celebrated his Welsh soldiers who were wearing leeks in their Monmouth caps. They are still made for general use and   for re-enactments.

The wall painting of the hat has resonances of the painting of the small basket, especially when it is upside down.


Church of St. Cadoc Llancarfan images    The last time I looked for this site, Google information said that the site may be hacked, so check before looking here.


The Seven Stages in Man’s Life


This mural below, showing the seven deadly sins, is also a wall painting from the Church of St. Cadoc in Wales .It must have been a colourful addition to the sermons. The artist has produced the most amazing monsters, similar to ancient and contemporary ones which are still used to teach, terrify and control us. It is in sections, which has echoes of The Seven Stages in Man’s Life from Bankfield.


Other such monsters include Alien, 1979, the three headed dog, Fluffy, from Harry Potter,screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-19-59-20screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-19-59-27

as well as the Hydra and Cerberus from the Twelve Labours of Hercules in Greek mythology.

My journey continues. I am following a winding path.



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