The Middle of the Beginning by Jane Pugh


After visiting Bankfield with Julie, and poring over the various treasures, and revealing these in my last blog, I needed to formulate a plan.  At our meeting earlier that day with Karen and Julie, something that Karen had said helped me, now, to move forward. It was that we don’t have to follow up every idea we have, we can hold back on some, and this knowledge lifted some of the pressure to choose a direction.

So my plan is to record some of my many and diverse ideas and a direction might come out of the process. I decided to use my studio at Artworks as it is a quiet and separate place where I can concentrate, and make a start on this next stage.

I made more notes in my sketchbook and started to formulate ideas.


Then I started to put down my ideas as they arose, first of all the small basket in the painting. What could it’s life have been? screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-09-58-41

During another project I experimented with left-over snippets of silk, gold and cotton threads which was placed loosely then laminated to show the basket, golden ladle and lotus seed head.




The doll as a Basket-Head with the Shakuhachi flute. Absence of ego.

I combined a purse I had seen in Koln with the sun from the Elizabethan embroidery. I like the idea that the top slips down to partly cover the purse. And it looks ready to run off.screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-09-59-12



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