Beginnings by Julie Turner

Secret life of objects.What does this mean to me? How can an object have a secret life?

An object is an object. It is a thing we know. After all a bag is a bag, a shoe is a shoe, a knife is a knife.

But an object wasn’t always what it ends up being. For example a bag could be made of paper, fabric, leather or plastic it often includes thread to sew it together which could be cotton, silk or polyester the clasp to hold it closed could be bone, horn or metal etc.

This is the secret life of objects that I am interested in. What was it before it became the object we know it as now? What processes did it go through to become that object? What other uses are there for these raw materials? What other objects could they become? Why was this raw material used?

Using some carefully chosen museum pieces as a starting point I will explore these questions and I am sure a few more. Mixing the old with the new I hope to construct and deconstruct modern variations of ancient themes.



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